John and Stacey Edwards

John and Stacey Edwards have spent their entire adult lives together, and together in the Fortean world of research, writing, filming, and producing several documentaries and podcasts since 1997.
John was featured on a season 2 episode of Ghost Brothers telling his story of a 2004 investigation that forever left some unhealed paranormal scars in Newport TN.
Together, John and Stacey are published authors with their book "Til' Death And Beyond" (that was a top seller it's first week on Amazon) and their highly anticipated follow up book due in late Winter about "Appalachian Giants, Moon Eyed People, And Other Forbidden History"
They have hosted several highly successful podcasts and radio shows including most recently, the Saturday night hosts of the Nationally Syndicated "Spaced Out Radio" and currently host "Paranormal Sideshow" each week and available everywhere you listen to podcasts! They have recently launched a new Patreon that includes a live and interactive monthly show titled "John and Stacey vs. The Unknown"!!
John is also known in East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and Southern West Virginia as independent Pro Wrestling evil trouble maker "John Hawkins" for two decades and still going.

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