Oz Wars Toys

Oz Wars Toys offers a colorful setup including licensed Vintage Character items such as Wizard of Oz, Hanna Barbara, Disney, Wonder Woman and other Superheroes, as well as TV/Movie Memorabilia such as Addams Family, Krofft Superstars, Muppets, Star Wars, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Items range from Key chains, vintage glassware, figures, costumes, collectible pins, character plush. And also offers Character Treasure bags filled with LOOT in usable form: character backpacks, tote bags, lunch boxes, and crossbody bags.

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Oz Wars Toys News

Saturday QuarantinedCon Schedule
Published: 2020-04-29

10:00am Morning Coffee with Kim
Times TBA
We're off to See the Wizard
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Muppets Take Manhattan
Krofft Supershow
Wonder Woman Power Hour
Pins and Socks

Sunday QuarantinedCon Schedule
Published: 2020-04-29

10:00am Morning Coffee with Kim
Times TBA
Feeling Smurfy
Munsters vs Addams Family
Return to Oz
Autographs and Art
Pins and Socks

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