It took awhile for Ty Schafrath to break into the Animation Industry but after years of Art training and persistence, he got a response from Fox, and he never looked back. The show that initially hired him was "THE SIMPSONS", and the year was 1995. A week after Fox reached out to him Ty made his way across country from Washington D.C. to Hollywood California only to find out when he got there that the position he applied for was already filled.

Not to worry. A few weeks later he had 3 more offers. One of the shows over at Nickelodeon Studios featured some sort of Beaver characters. His interview went well and after an impromptu storyboard test he was immediately hired. "THE ANGRY BEAVERS SHOW" production lasted 5 years and he thrived as a Storyboard Revisionist, Storyboard Artist, Prop Designer, and Background Artist. As The Beavers show was winding down he caught wind that a new show was developing at Nickelodeon and he interviewed for an open Storyboard position. Ty was hired on the new show, called "DORA THE EXPLORER."

In 2002 Ty left the craziness of Hollywood and moved to Orlando Florida and began freelancing on a variety of projects including "TIME SQUAD" for Cartoon Network, "PRINCESS AND THE FROG" for Walt Disney Feature Animation, "DOC McSTUFFINS", "TALKING TOM AND FRIENDS", and many others. In addition to Animation projects Ty does Caricatures, Murals, Book Illustration, and Storyboards for live action television.

Ty loves the Arts, especially Animation. He longs to inspire, encourage, and share his experiences with others. He is grateful for the ups and downs of the entertainment industry, and the joy that comes with living your dream.

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